CommentSold - How it works

How do I shop?


First, register your account here: You'll be prompted to 'confirm' your account. This allows CommentSold to read your comments on Facebook.


Now, the fun stuff! Want to claim an item? Comment sold and the number. Ex: Sold 123. Be sure you've got your spelling and format down. You can claim the item even if it is sold out! Claiming an item when its sold out puts you on the waitlist. This applies for Facebook live sales and photo listings.

Note: Items will remain in your cart for four (4) hours before they expire. Once they expire, they go to the next person in line. This allows the next person in the waitlist to be notified that the item is available for purchase. Cart expirations are VISIBLE in your cart. You will see a countdown showing how much time you have to pay before your cart expires.

How do I know if I got an item?

Easy - have a look at your cart through the same link where you registered. Additionally, you will receive an email notification confirming whether you carted an item or if you've been waitlisted.

What's the waitlist?

The waitlist is an automated feature that notifies customers if an item becomes available due to non-payment or added inventory. If an item that you were waitlisted for becomes available you will be notified via email.*

*The exception to the rule: if a waitlist item becomes available, customers have twelve (12) hours to check out. 

Friendly reminders:

The CommentSold app will not recognize a comment that is not spelled or formatted correctly. An item will not be added to cart if you have not registered AND confirmed your account.

Comments not working? 

Disconnect and reconnect your FB Messenger to CommentSold. You may need to update your FB app.






NOTE: 2x non-payers will be blocked. Comments/claims will not be accepted by the CommentSold app. 

I'm ready to check out. Where's my cart?







This is where you can view your cart and waitlist. PayPal and Sezzle ($30+) are accepted. Happy shopping!

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